Rowan and Marguerite founded the na Dailach Stud in 1981, but their experience with Highland Ponies dates back much further.

Marguerite's father, James McIntosh, serving in France during WWI
During the 1930s Marguerite Osbornes' father, James McIntosh supplied Highland Ponies to sporting estates across the Highlands of Scotland. James kept a number of quality mares, some of which were sold to Marguerites' God Mother, Marguerite de Beaumont of the Shalbourne Stud. Most notable of these was Charmian of Skene, one of two ponies sold that went on to win the Lord Arthur Cecil Trophy for the best Mountain and Moorland Brood Mare. Marguerite took over the ponies from her father and for many years Marguerite and husband Rowan worked with and bred from Knocknagael and Derculich ponies.

Marguerite with her God Mother, Marguerite de Beaumont, sitting on Charmian of Skene

In 1981 Rowan and Marguerite took their own stud suffix when they purchased Rosebush of Knocknagael (Sire: Bencleuch Dam: Rose of Knocknagael). They were delighted to own her as she was a daughter of Bencleuch (Sire: Ben Callum Dam: May Rose of Knocknagael) and a granddaughter of Strathspey (Sire: Strathnaver Dam: Mountain Maid). On many visits to the Knocknagael Stud Marguerite had admired these stallions. The Na Dailach Stud founder mare was Rosebush na Dailach (Sire: Cock o' the North Dam: Rosebush of Knochnagael).

Prionnsonna Rose na Dailach with colt foal Zizou na Dailach
The Na Dailach ponies retain the very best of Knocknagael and Derculich bloodlines. They have kept the traits required for hill work. Although now destined only for showing and breeding future generations, they still have bone, depth and substance. The breed is highly rated for its free, active paces and straight action. Their strength shows itself in an excellent trot with powerful movement from the hind quarters. As a listed British Dressage Judge Marguerite is very keen to encourage their involvement in the discipline where she believes the true quality of the traditional Highland has been borne out. 

Marguerite riding her arab